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Berks County Progressive Candidate and Campaign Manager Training

  • United Labor Council 1251 N. Front St. Reading, PA, 19601 United States (map)

The Berks County Democratic Party, in conjunction with Berks Democratic Women, Berks Progressive Action, and Greyroots Action, announces our 2019 Candidate Training.

The cost is $15 for one training, 2 on the same day for $25 or all 4 for $50.  Grey Roots Action will provide all materials, lunch and beverages.

Apply here:

Session Goals:

  • Ground trainees in the Greyroots Action Long Term Agenda and Movement Politics

  • Connect their campaign and role as an elected official to a longer-term movement strategy that is truly contesting for power

  • Understand the ins and outs of campaign planning and structure and how to build a transformational campaign plan through the lens of movement building strategies

  • Understand the nuts and bolts of building a powerful field campaign, rooted in grassroots campaigning and leadership development.

  • Build and test a values and story-based canvassing script

  • Leave with concrete next steps to start building your campaign


1.     Preparing to Run

a.     What to run for and what power they have

b.     A self-assessment of where you are at now in your leadership in the community- are you ready to run, are you a leader, what is your base and ability to raise $

c.      Campaign structure- who is on your team and how to build it (role of candidate, kitchen cabinet, staff and volunteers)

2.     Introduction to Field Organizing as a Movement Politics Strategy

a.     This is a piece that simple provides some nuts and bolts around what field organizing is- key pieces and impact on person to person conversations.

b.     Helps think through who you target on doors and phones and what types of voters/conversations you should be having.

c.     Then dives a little into volunteer leadership- roles and ways to invest in volunteers.

3.     Movement Politics Fundraising

a.     Why don’t candidates raise enough money? What are the barriers?

b.     Nuts and bolts about how to develop a budget and fundraising plan.

4.     Movement Politics Communication

a.     Developing your campaign’s message

b.     Message in the field

c.     Staying on message

d.     Working with the media

e.     Developing a social media plan