Berks County Democratic Committee


Our Values

the Democratic Party will fight to preserve and improve:

  • Social Security

  • Medicare / Medicaid 

  • Marriage Equality

  • Affordable College Tuition

  • Reproductive Rights

  • Workers’ Compensation 

  • Americans with Disabilities Act 

  • National School Lunch Program 

  • Veterans’ Pay & Benefits 

  • Environmental Legislation for Clean Air, Water and Soil

  • Consumer Protection / Consumer Bill of Rights

  • Fair Labor Standards Act

Welcome to the Democratic Committee of Berks County, Pennsylvania!

The National Democratic Party in the United States is organized through State Committees, County Committees, Wards, and Precincts. The Democratic Committee of Berks County exists to help elect Democratic candidates, both nationally and locally. In addition, members may develop a sense of community and connection with others who share our democratic values. We are your source for information on issues and candidates as well as pertinent events. We are active in helping Berks County remain a vibrant, inclusive place to live - a community which ensures that all its people are able to live and work and thrive.

Our headquarters are located in downtown Reading. Volunteers staff the office and hours vary, so please call first if you would like to visit to make sure we are open. 
434 Walnut Street 
Reading, PA 19601-3930 

Berks County Democratic Committee Services

The Berks County Democratic Committee offers the following services to the community, local candidates, and the national Democratic Party:

  • Candidate Support. We offer training to Democrats running for office, help obtain required signatures, and more. Please contact Kevin Boughter, Berks County Democratic Committee, Chair.

  • Election Dates for Candidates. Click here for elections calendar.