The Executive Board of Berks County Democrats extends a personal invitation for you to join us and work with us. Please click on the video links below.

Board Members

Berks County Democratic Committee Officers and Board Members

The elected officers of DCBC are:

  • Chair, Kevin Boughter

  • Vice Chair, Debbie Noel

  • Secretary, Zelda Yoder

  • Treasurer, Dick Horton

Delegates at large:

  • Board Member, Bernice Hines Corbit

  • Board Member, Charles Corbit

  • Board Member, Tom Herman

  • Board Member, Harlan Kutscher

  • Board Member, Sherrie Green

  • Board Member, Stephanie Towles

Precinct Committee Persons

The most crucial members of the Pennsylvania Democratic Party are the Precinct Committee Persons (PCP). They are the heart, soul, and strength of the party. Grassroots democracy begins with them. They represent the party to their neighbors and community - and in turn they are the eyes and ears on the ground for both Berks County and the PA party. 

Their efforts to lead voter registration and Get Out the Vote drives make the difference in elections. With their active and ongoing help in their precincts we will succeed in electing good Democrats to all levels of public office. Please volunteer as a PCP! 

For more information review the handbook for precinct committee members, by clicking here. 

The current members of the City and County committees are found here. Additional Committee members are sought, especially for precincts with vacant seats. Some Delegates At Large are also available. Note that BCDC's goal is to have equal numbers of male and female committee members. 

If interested contact Charles Corbit - Email.